Don't let the heat interfere with your life. RecyCool™ technology makes any outdoor event a cool and pleasant experience. It's perfect for any front yard, backyard, commercial property, public park, or municipality. Like all of our turf products, it's safe for children and is pet friendly.RecyCool™



Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is "synthetic" turf, is a kind of artificial recipe by artificially different natural turf together, of which about 70% is a panicle of grass, about 30% is forage.Artificial turf is widely used in sports soccer field, gate pitch, golf and other sports venues, but also when the decora



SunLi’s California is the ultimate

SunLi’s California is the ultimate in hybrid synthetic grass technology. This cutting-edge artificial grass product incorporates the latest technology in every aspect of design and manufacturing combining beautiful light green, olive green grass blades and tan thatch fibers to create a natural look



Several Things That Guide You Choosing Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is more and more popular in people’s lawn, yard and other residential and commercial use.Many of synthetic grass is natural looking and realistic and better quality.So many options. What you would like to consider before choosing them:1. Quality comparation:Artificial grass should b



Advantage of artificial grass

1. Easy to maintain. Artificial grass require less maintenance, but natural grass require a lot of maintenance2. Frequent usage: artificial grass could be used all day of 24 hours, but natural grass need to maintain and care after using some time3. Less cost: the price of artificial grass maybe a li



Why Artificial Grass is Eco-Friendly

You may ask wether artificial grass is Eco-Friendly? Our answer is yes, it is Eco-Friendly.Artificial grass is usually made of PE, PP OR PA material, which is virgin material and Eco-Friendly.


After 25 years of development, Wuxi Sunli Artificial Grass Carpet Co., Ltd. already has a number of imported advanced automatic production line…

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