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Several Things That Guide You Choosing Artificial Grass

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Several Things That Guide You Choosing Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is more and more popular in people’s lawn, yard and other residential and commercial use.Many of synthetic grass is natural looking and realistic and better quality.So many options. What you would like to consider before choosing them:

1. Quality comparation:

Artificial grass should be durable, soft and natural looking. Made of PE long yarn and PP curl yarn, uniform color and neat stitching backing.

As a long investment, first you should like to appearance of artificial grass, then you should focus on the quality of artificial grass.

Among of many different quality and prices, it is a good advice to ask for samples and you’d better ask for a big piece of sample.First, choose the quality and then once you have established a benchmark, then pay your attention to price

2. amount of traffice

If your kids and your dogs would like to play on artificial grass lawn. It is very important that you consider the amount of the traffic in your lawn and you choose high quality artificial grass.Because if with less amount of traffic, you will have to replace the worn and damage artificial grass.Another thing need to be noted that high traffic volumes artificial grass, you will be giving up the comfort and feel of your artificial grass.However, quality turfs will usually have a soft and comfortable texture.

3. Grass specification

Pile height: it is the length of the grass yarn from the backing above to the tip of the blade.The higher of the grass, the more denser of the grass, and your lawn may be a lush-looking. We recommend artificial grass with pile height of 30-37mm.More higher grass, you may risk of flat-looking grass, because more higher of the yarn, more heavier of the yarn, and it is more likely that gravity will bring it down. Your lawn will be easily flat-looking and not lush-looking.

Weekly and monthly maintenance and care with brush, it will keep your grass upright.

Density:Turf density is the amount of fiber turf stitches per square meter. A dense turf will have more yarn content, so it will be more expensive

Denser turf will make your lawn more beautiful and luxury and more durable for heavier traffic.If you cant afford the denser turf, longevity and performance of turfs with less density could be improved by sand infill

The more higher of the grass, the more denser of the grass, more heavier of the grass. If the landscaping grass will be installed in your garden or backyard, the weight of the turfs you don’t need to consider it. But for rooftop or balcony, you’d better consider of your rooftop and balcony weight limit


Sand and rubber infill is designed to keep the grass upright, looking lush.For landscaping artificial grass, you can choose grass infill according to your turf and your budget

Backing: The common artificial grass backing is latex and polyurethane.Latex is easily shrink or expand by5-10mm when weather has big changes. And the polyurethane is more stable and doesn’t contract or expand. As such, polyurethane backing will be a better choice in areas that experience extreme weather changes.

Color: There are my types of different artificial grass color variations.Cheaper turfs come in single flat green shades and you can easily distinguish them from natural grass.To achieve a natural appearance you pick a turf that has different shades of green along with some brown flecks. Greens come in different shades; olive greens, darker greens and lime greens, choose any color depend on your personal reference. And you could ask for a sample and take it outside and see how it looks in the sun and in your garden


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